Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When is the Right time to swear

We have been reading about a town in the U.S.A that has banned swearing in public. If caught swearing they would get a $20 fine. I Room 19 we wrote an argument about 'When Is The Right Time To Swear'.

'When Is The Right Time To Swear'.

The right time to swear is when there is no one around you. Swearing can cause arguments because people can feel angry if they hear you swearing.

Swearing is bad when kids are around because they can learn bad words fast.

Instead of saying swear words like 'f***', say 'fuge' instead. You could also say 'ship' instead of 's***''.

Remember, swearing is bad unless there is no one around you.

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  1. Hi Roman,

    I think this post will be good for the parents who read this. I bet you that lots of people swear around the place and that this post will help them think about what's going to happen if they swear in public. Keep this good work up and you will do good during the year :).


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