Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rugby League Recount

Every Thursday room 19 go to one junior worries and learn some  skills like kicking the ball state to the person that you want the ball go to.

One of the skills is learn pass to  the ball state.Sometime when I pass the ball it goes state  to the ground but not to the person.But sometime it state to the person.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It’s Kobe And Roman against  sonny. and jonathan . kobe and Roman are cooking vegg
ie burgers with and couscous. sonny and jonathan a are cooking pork ribs  with mexican spices. Then  Kobe  put some tomato with a little glimpse of lemon in their veggie burgers. Then they put in some chopped up cloves and then their veggie burger is finished. sonny and
are now preparing their dish. They start by cooking the shrimp, while Ashley was cooking the Shrimp, Sophia started on the Salad, she cut up onion, some cucumber, radish and mexican

spices then on the clock. The teams start plating up, both teams are finishing off their dishes just before clock got to 0 clock then.Roman and Kobe stop and give their ve
ggie burger  to the charter to taste the veggie burger.