Thursday, September 19, 2013

So I  Just finished watch a movie and it is the middle of the night and I have to take the shot cut in the cemetery.So when I was walking in cemetery I hard a nose coming a tree.So I ran  my fastest to get  home.When I  was running home I  saw something coming state at me  so I ran back to the movie and look for  help.

me   before and it is coming at me again.When it is coming closer so I  look for help
When I  saw some boys walking at the street  I  went to them and ask them if they can help me .Then they all said yes.So we all walk then I  saw the same thight that was coming to at me before.Then they said to me run home now so I ran home. So when I got home

Then my mum came to me and said to me where were you then I said to my mum I was at the
movies.OK but the next time that you go to the movie be back before middle night.
So the next night I went to the movie with Kobe, Kane,sonny, and watch some movie
together.So after we watch some movies we went outside to go home but
the Kake is close so we had to take the shot cut in the cemetery.

So I told Kobe Kane and sonny watch out for something then they said OK
then Kobe said I got a idea we get some rocks and hold them so when something comes
we can throw it. So we went and got some rocks.

Kane was like we should run home now so we all ran.When I look back I saw a old man
looking state at us so I stop and said Kobe, Kane,sonny,look they someone looking
at us lit throw it.So we start throwing rock at the old man.

But we keeping missing so we stop throwing the rocks then I was like known that old man
then I went closer it it my Grandpa.Then he to me why are throwing rocks at me then I said to he we thought that someone hunting us. Grandpa said  to me Kane sonny and Kobe
hurting you and why are you doing out here at night time then I said we Just finished watch

Then he said OK go home now. Before we left I ask my grandpa where are going he said I'm going for walk . OK grandpa see you later bye bye.

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  1. Hi Roman
    I liked your story,but your sentences don't really make sense.But anyway I still enjoyed reading your story.


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