Monday, March 25, 2013


Last week Room 19 went to Omaru Creek and got some flax for making putiputi (flowers). Some of Room 21 kids came with us to get some flax too. When we got to Omaru creek we had to sit under the shade. When everyone was sitting under the shade. Miss Tito told us some rules about the flax.

1. do not use it to whack people with it
2 don't play with it
3 don't cut on a raining day
4 don't cut it when is night time   

So it was time to cut he flax. So after I cut my flax I went and sit down under the shade and waited for Miss Tito.  It was time to go to school when we got when we got back to school we started to weaving the flax and it was fun.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuakana /Teina

Every Tuesday Room Nineteen have being going to the library to read with the kids in room 9. The first time we went to do some reading with kids we had to buddy up with a kid from room nine. So I buddied up with this little boy but unfortunately I can't remember what was his name is. I went with him to get a picture book so that I can read to him. After we got a book to read we went outside the library and went under the tree.

When I read to him sometimes he likes to muck around, But I don't always like it when he mucks around it kind of annoys me. So I get him to focus and I finish reading to him.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The meaning of partnership is working together as a team  and win as a team. Partnership means  when you help each other and being
kind to others and being helpful too. Partnership is two people agreeing to each other