Friday, April 5, 2013


On Wednesday Room 19 was lucky to have 4 people from Triathlon NZ teach us about Triathlons. They set it up in our school field .

So after they told us some of the rules it was time  to have go at doing
the Triathlon. First we had to slide 4 time on the  water slide .

After that we had to run to the t and get a bike and run with the bike across the line then Jump onto the bike and ride around the field.So when we got back form riding the bike we had to put  it back were you  got it from. then we had to run around the field.

When we got back from running we had to have a rest before we go for our
second turn.When it was time for our second turn I was ready for it .
So all the boys line up at the staring line.Then a man form NZ triathlon said go. All the boys
slide.And we all ran to the bikes and ride.When I got back from riding the bike I put my bike back were I got it from. Then I ran my hardest to the Finnish line.

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