Monday, July 8, 2013

One big fat pig and three the wolves

Once upon a time there lived three   little wolves. They lived with their mother and father  also their names were Floria  and Demetrius . Their children were growing up and were getting annoying so their parents told them to find their own houses. They packed up their belongings and set off to live in the woods.

While they were walking through the woods they found straws, sticks and bricks. They used it to make their own houses. The first little wolf Mosa was lazy and wanted to go and play so he builds his house out of straw. The second little wolf Sonny wasn't as lazy as he built his out of sticks. The third little wolf Anthony was the smartest and he was the hard worker he builds his house out of bricks.

Then they heard a stomping noise from out in the woods. They went outside to see what was out there. They saw the one big pig his name was Kori-lee. He tried to eat them so the three little wolves were moaning about what they should do to escape the one big pig. They shut their doors and talked about it. The big pig begins attacking their houses, first he attacks Mosa house first by blowing it down. Then the first little wolf Mosa runs to the second little wolves house. So the pig got angry because he was hungry.

He then Huffs and puffs and blows down Sonny’s house, so they run hard out to the third little wolf’s house which was Anthony’s house. The pig follows and also attacks the last house. He huffs and puffs but he fails to blow. Then he went up to the top of the chimney and climbed down and he sees them. They put the pot of boiling water under the chimney and lit up the fire. The pig falls into the pot and gets cooked for dinner. They live happily ever after without the big pig because he’s dead.

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