Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun Run

At the end term 2 years 8 and years 7 have to run 5ks for the years 8 camp we have to ask our mum,dad,uncle, aunt, To get sponsa us  like $5 dollar or $2.

SO every week we have to run the pt England reserve.The first run that I did
it was hard because I'm not fit like the fit people some time I walk and some time
I run so I can catch up some of my fiend.

At the end I had to push my self  to the end.When we got back we had to run again
but this time it little bit shorter we had to run state all the way down to beach to
were the big tree is and run back to the end. This time the last 3 people
from the two class to get back.Had to run again.

So we all got ready for the run When Ms King Said go we all ran to the big tree. When I got to the big tree I had a little rest then run back to the end. When I got back Ms king said room 19 boys and room 15 girls had to run again but this time it shouter we have to run to the bost and back.

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