Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My little brother Sam went missing(Narritive)

One night me and my little brother Sam stayed home. My mum said she gonna go to the airport to pick up my papa and nana. So me and my little brother Sam stayed home and watch television. Before my mum went she gave me 20 dollars.

I went to the toilets then I came back my little brother Sam was gone. I was so worry that he might get lost and I will be in a big trouble. I went outside and looked for Sam. Then I went back inside and start looking for him again.

But I couldn’t find him inside the house. Again I went back out but still no Sam. I went to the shop next to my house and looked there but he wasn’t there. I got back home  and heard something in the bathroom. I went in the bath and look what was it. It was my little brother Sam he was having a shower.

I felt relieved and happy at the same time. Soon my mother came home with my papa and nana. I told my mum what was happening when Sam got lost. But after all Sam was having a shower.

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